Angela Fox


Angela Fox is a singer-songwriter known for her powerful and personal lyrics, beautiful voice that

delivers raw emotion, and piano driven songs.   In September 2015, Fox released two singles,

"Everything Changed" and "Next to Me".

Fox also performs as a singer/actor/dancer and works as a choreographer with various

theater companies in the twin cities area.  In 2015, she became a core member of 

Fearless Comedy Productions.

In addition to being a recording artist and performer, Angela Fox is a published composer.  She has written four collections of music designed to showcase and develop a performer’s artistic expression and stage presence.

"For the Spotlight: Stage Series"  Vocal Solos and Duets with Piano Accompaniment
"For the Spotlight: Solo Series"  Vocal Solos with Piano Accompaniment
"For the Spotlight: Piano Series"  Piano Solos
"For the Spotlight: Clarinet Series” Clarinet Solos with Piano Accompaniment  

Each song in the "For the Spotlight  Series"  explores a different facet of performance. They work great for auditions, performances, recitals, and as supplemental songs for music lessons. 

Fox writes original music for theater and film.  An example of this is "The Diamond Lens", a collection of piano solos written for the theatrical performance of the Diamond Lens.

​Fox is also a private music teacher, specializing in voice and piano lessons.  A lot of her inspiration comes from her students!